8 is better than 4

Alabama v Clemson, Ok State v Wisconsin
LSU v West Virginia, Oregon v Stanford

This would have been your 2012 College Football Playoff quarterfinal bracket
hosted by the 4 BCS Bowl sites on if this article was followed starting in 2011.
You want a selection committee of four so ‘experts’ on college football?

The same but stronger bowl schedule, more upsets, more revenue, more fairness, more fun.

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The CFBMatrix – Live in studio w/ Primetime on ESPN Radio 1080 The Fan

5-6 years ago I was listening to Colin Cowherd locally here in Portland on ESPN Radio The Fan am1080.  His view on recruiting and how college football was viewed in Vegas started a unique idea.  A rabbit hole, if you will,to a new concept.  6 years later that rabbit hole Continue reading

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2011 Review – Net Game Coaching Effect

Before I update the CFBMatrix with the 2011 net coaching effect numbers, I wanted to give readers a review of the coaching effect numbers prior to the start of the ’11 season.  While very simple and easy to understand in it’s calculation, the CFBMatrix game effect stats have been remarkably effective in identifying coaching ability.

Two teams with top 10 positive net game effect coaches lost their head coaches while 3 of the top 4 worst game effect coaches with over 2 years experience were fired.  The 2011 Matrix Coach of the Year came from the top 10 ranked coaches (8 of 10 had + game effects in 2011).  The Charlie Weis Anti-Coach of the Year was a bit of surprise.  The 2011 stats will be added in and posted soon but refresh yourself on the numbers clicking here.

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Talking CFB Playoffs?

The hot CFB topic is a new playoff system. The interconnected trends and odds that make up the CFBMatrix goes on the air with the Out of Bounds Show and Bo Bounds on 105.9 The Zone ESPN Radio affiliate in Jackson, MS at 9:15am CST May 3rd followed by an in studio visit on Primetime with Issac and Big Suke at 3:15 pm PST on Portland, OR ESPN affiliate 1080 The Fan.  4 games, 8 games, conference champs, selection committees?  What could this mean for football fans?  Careful what you wish for my friends and keep an open mind.  You may want to re-evaluate your position on playoffs if you are a serious fan of certain teams.
Click on the radio station logo to listen live May 3rd 9:15 CST & 3:15 PST

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The 2012 NFL Draft – Winners Win

The 2012 NFL Draft is done and the CFBMatrix links in some stats to it’s world of odds, trends and predictions.

Couple of nuggets from the draft:
– Cincinnati passes Utah for #1 in player development over the last 7 years.
– Clemson, Miss State and Vandy jump into top 15 of player development
– Cal Bears are the only team in the top 10 of total picks over the last 7 years not in the top 10 of recruiting for same draft period.
– Washington Huskies have the worst player development ratio with just 11 draft picks over 7 years with an average recruiting rank of #30. #28 and #29 have 60 picks in the same time period
Click here for NFL Draft Matrix update, stats and full draft 2012 chart.

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NFL Draft Update – Bearcats overtake Utes for #1

With two more guys drafted, the Bearcats move past Utah for the #1 player development ratio slot.

Texas, FSU, Tennessee, Auburn and UCLA lead a distinguished group of top recruiters with no picks in the first 3 rounds.  Funny how all but Auburn have had negative coaching effect numbers in the CBFMatrix for the last 3 years.

Click here for NFL Draft Matrix update, stats and full draft 2012 chart.

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Recruiting & Developing NFL Draft Picks – 2012 Update

Let’s take an look at the NFL Draft as the 1st round of the 2012 got underway yesterday.  I started adding to the profile of the modern recruiting rank era (2002 forward) and draft pick rankings since then in 2005 when the first group of recruits was eligible.  While the draft does not relate back to the college football predictions it may tie together other areas of the Matrix rankings.  Take a look at day 1 in the Matrix …………….

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