The College Football Returning Starter Matrix

If there is one thing that I love here at the CFBMatrix, it is taking a common football fan assumption and applying some simple stats.  Every year I seem to be combing through the stats on returning starters.  For some reason, I have led myself down the path that a team’s success the next season can be tied into the notion that returning experience will translate to more or at least, as many wins as last season.

But does it matter that much.  You can have all 24 starters back, but if they have less talent than the rest of the conference, does it really matter?  I wanted to know how important is that returning starting QB?  Does kicking experience matter? Or where is the cut line for success based on the number of returning players on offense or defense.  Read more and enter the Matrix


About The College Football Matrix

Where the eyeball test meets odds & trends. Its not math or a 'prediction' machine. It is a unique & new way of telling the story, past, present & future of CFB. There is nothing else like in for college football anywhere.
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