The CFBMatrix – Live in studio w/ Primetime on ESPN Radio 1080 The Fan

5-6 years ago I was listening to Colin Cowherd locally here in Portland on ESPN Radio The Fan am1080.  His view on recruiting and how college football was viewed in Vegas started a unique idea.  A rabbit hole, if you will,to a new concept.  6 years later that rabbit hole is a community of inter-connected ideas that make up the CFBMatrix.  And today, that listening came full circle with an invite into the 1080 studios for a one on one about college football and the CFBMatrix with the Primetime hosts Isaac Ropp and Jason Sukanic.  I thought it was a solid double segment covering some CFBMatrix basics, Coaching Effect, Hot Seats and a few predictions for 2012.  Can’t wait to be on again in my backyard.

Listen to the segment on 1080 the Fan by clicking HERE


About The College Football Matrix

Where the eyeball test meets odds & trends. Its not math or a 'prediction' machine. It is a unique & new way of telling the story, past, present & future of CFB. There is nothing else like in for college football anywhere.
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