Acknowledgement and Supporters

It all started with the idea if recruiting rankings correlated with BCS title teams.  We all know it is clearly correlated, but there have been some folks that have inspired, pushed and supported the process just to post the site.

John Hollinger ESPN With his Per Diem and statistical modeling for NBA predictions showed that folks like this ‘stat’ based modeling and that it can really go somewhere.  Follow him @johnhollinger on Twitter and at

Colin Cowherd ESPNBefore ESPN he was on here in my backyard in Portland, OR.  He would consistently preach the value of recruiting to every program and that success or failure to recruit would usually dictate a direction of a program.  Throughout his discussions about teams, I found that my model paralleled his opinion and direction of a program.  He indirectly has backed the modeling through his opinions and provided some positive emotional validation.

Justin Hopkins – One of the first and only recruiting site guys to allow me to post my thoughts and ideas at 247 sports and Duck Territory.  Recruiting is everything to the model and you can follow him @jhopkins247 on Twitter and find the rest of the 247Sports guys there as well.

Dr. Micah Thorp – For reminding me I am crazy about numbers and that he would run the regression on all my conclusions on the CFBMatrix recruiting baseline.   Turns out they were dead on right but he proved it for me.  Wouldn’t be able to stick my guns with the model without his support.

Darren Hudgins – My neighbor and buddy for telling me to get off my ^%$^%$ and quit talking about my model and start posting it for other college football fans to read.  He also started the ‘matrix’ terminology for the model when he was asking about the Rose Bowl of 2010.

The guys on The Out of Bounds Show with Bo, Cooper and Donny on FM 105.9 The Zone .  These guys have got to be nuts to have me on the air for a trial run.   First radio show to take a risk on my model, grammar and diction.   Thank you Y’All Sports!

Your comments and feedback for me are all greatly appreciated.  You can email or post comments to the page below.

Thank you!

Dave Bartoo – CFBMatrix Founder


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