Props to the CFBMatrix

Tweets, emails, texts – All comments from folks all over the country that enjoy the new take on college football that is the CFBMatrix.  Got something to say?  Tweet or email me @cfbmatrix or

Click here to see what folks have said on Twitter and check out some more below:

Vegas Runner Vegas Runner @VegasRunner 9 Dec@cfbmatrix Pleasure was mine…Wasn’t a wk of CFB that I didn’t check out your info..Already looked at your Bowl work. Continued success. VR
Levi Tebow Bertschi

denverbrosLevi Tebow Bertschi  @cfbmatrix someone get this man on sportscenter

Big Al
BAMASportFanBig Al  @cfbmatrix Dave Bartoo can nail it with numbers in football. Heard him on the radio a couple times. He knows his stuff.
elfutbol professior
NotJoeLeeDunnelfutbol professior  if your not following @cfbmatrix you should. if you like numbers n football – dave is top notch and his mind is better than mine! 🙂
mike evans mike evans @crabblers 6 Dec @cfbmatrix congrats on #SEC. Gotta believer in the #matrix here. Every football fan should check and follow.
Randall. Randall. @JRC_ 22 Nov@cfbmatrix I must say that you do excellent work.
Dusty Harrah Dusty Harrah @Dusty_Harrah 16 Nov@cfbmatrix Thanks! Love the site by-the-way…


– Twitter quote: NotJoeLeeDunn elfutbol professior   @bobounds I’m sold on @cfbmatrix – Dave is the man                  

– Twitter Comment:  BAMASportFan Al : @HeadtoHeadRadio @cfbmatrix Dave Bartoo can explain what happened 2 Nutt’s recruiting classes@OM. Your listeners would really like him.

bnnaceBrian Hawn  @cfbmatrix you should be on with @Softykjr because your picks have been spot on this year, better than lee sterling and much more insightful
BAMAThomBAMAThom –  @bobounds Know you know, buddy. David Bartoo is @cfbmatrix.  Please have him back on your show.

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