Best Bets

What does ten years of tracking college football wins, losses, trends, BCS odds, out of conference game, home versus away, moneylines and spreads?  It provides a huge data base for referencing odds and probability.    However, it is more than just numbers you find generalized in so many sites.   We have gone to the next step of analyzing it providing a type of ‘odds’ on your odds.  While the rest of the site talks about expectations and likelihood, we reserved 3 subjects for in-depth detail and purchase by people that take their gambling seriously.

What will be available in complete detail and breakdown available nowhere else on the site.

a.  BCS National Champ Winner 2011-2012 Season. Review of all teams for BCS contention.  Why each is ranked and compare it to current odds for the winning the 2012 BCS title.

b. Over/Under Regular Season Wins. All 6 BCS AQ conference teams win totals from 2010 and expectations for 2011.  Details on over 5 years of winning trends versus the CFBMatrix baseline recruiting rank model.

c. Home/Away Conference/OOC Odds Matrix – Full analysis of 2 years of modeling home and away games both OOC and Conference games using only the CFBMatrix baseline model and coaching effects against the spread and moneyline.

The entire package will be available and a MUST HAVE for anyone in the world of college football gambling.

Put your questions, comment and ratings on the page so I can address them when the time comes.


6 Responses to Best Bets

  1. Bobparr says:

    Could you please give me your pick on the Stanford-Arizona game? The point spread went from
    10 1/2 points to 9.5 points. Why the drastric drop of one full point with a power house team like
    Stanford University? How good is Arizona’s passing defense? Who out-recruted in comparison
    with each other? How many returning seniors does AZ.have or letterman returning?

    • cfbmatrix says:

      Bob – I dont like ATS with AZ at home. They are shown to be very volatile in Tucson vs the road. The UA 4 year recruiting rank is #53 nationally versus #26 for Stanford. That is too huge of a gap to overcome even with home field for Arizona. Stanford does have a new coach, so there is no trend on him, but he was an internal hire. The Matrix takes Stanford SU, but I am not sold on if this is a good play. I would recommend AVOID on SU as UA has 5 home upset wins in 5 years and they were all against teams with a #17 to #28 composite 4 year recruiting rank

  2. bob parrillo says:

    You were wrong on this one as you were wrong on Penn St. wining over Temple in Phil.
    I lost lost alot of money because of your infused picks with parlays of Joe Paterno’s re-
    cognition and legacey.

    Super parleys and Dave’s best picks or parleys.

    • cfbmatrix says:

      Dont understand your question. Penn State won as did half the SU parlays. Only ATS the model does is individual games. All other plays are SU or SU parlays. Modeling is was not designed for ATS, just tested against it. Parlays are always SU games and the lower risks obviously pay off more often. The big and mega parlays are for fun. The mega is hit usually once or more a season. That will easily pay for itself over 12 games as most mega parlay odds are 12 to 18 to 1.

  3. Fulco says:

    When do your picks come out for week 6?

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