BCS Title ’11

CFBMatrix National Predictions – BCS Title Games

All the winners and losers of the BCS title game since 2004 share the same recruiting trends and ranking range.

This is where the CFBMatrix got started.  I had modeled all the winners and losers of the college football BCS title game to see how important the team recruiting rankings were to participation.  It was amazing to see the importance of the annual recruiting rankings to being in the BCS title game.  And it is not just one year of recruiting, it is the last 4 years that count.

Although there may be exceptions in the future, since 2004, the tiers of teams in the BCS Championship berth model has contained both the winner and loser of the title game.  If your team is not listed in one of the Tiers below, they have less than 5% chance of getting into the BCS Title game.

Tier I Teams

Tier II Teams

Tier III Teams

Missed the Cut

2012 Potential Additions to the Current Tiered List

In a nutshell, if you cannot recruit, you cannot expect to be in the NCAA title game.  All these teams have at least one top 10 composite class in the last 4 years and all have a 4 year composite above #20.  This are just a couple of the criteria that make up all the past NCAA college football winners and losers of the title game.

If you want the full details and breakdown of every team and their ‘odds’ within the model for likelihood of participating and also winning the BCS National Title stay tuned to the BEST BETS. I will provide a full listing of current 2012 BCS Title winner odds and my views on every team.


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