BCS Title Contenders – Tier I

Tier I Teams (alphabetical order)

These teams all have elite talent and good coaching.  All are fully capable of an undefeated season and a run at the NCAA college football title in 2011.

Alabama Crimson Tide – Four straight top 10 classes and the #1 overall four year moving average class.

Auburn Tigers – Still very powerful.  Many will point to the loss of Fairley and Newton if down this year.  It will be more in the schedule and coaching than the players.  More away games that will create more losses than 2010.

Florida State Seminoles – 2011 was not just a one hit wonder for recruiting.   This team has been elite in talent for a long time.  Finally out of the lower Tiers as Coach Fisher has them trending up in wins and maintaining ‘elite’ line talent.

LSU Tigers – This is a real tweener team.  Elite players but not a positive net effect game coach.  Schedule is good, but the players will have to overcome the net negative coaching effect to be playing for the crystal football in January 2012.

Ohio State Buckeyes – This is a common spot for Ohio State.  The have been the elite team from the Big Ten for a long time and this should continue.  Don’t look past the talent even with the Coach Tressel issues.   They can still make it happen on the field in a below average Ben Ten.

Oklahoma Sooners – Three top 10 classes and one top 25.  Elite team with a top 10 4 year moving average class.  The game with Florida State is an elimination game for the National Title.


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