BCS Title Contenders – Tier II

Tier II Teams – BCS Title Predictor 2011 Season

Tier II Teams

Elite talented teams but with flaws in the model to be in Tier I.  Still fully capable of a BCS title run.

Notre Dame Irish – They have been elite in talent for the last ten plus years.  They just had one of the worst coaches ever within the CFBMatrix model and NCAA college football.  They are trying to learn to win.  2nd year coach, so it is tough to model outcomes but win total from 2010 suggests it will be very hard to jump to 11-12 wins.  Expecting 9-10 now with 2012 season the possible big one.  Always tough with Notre Dame since they had two of the worst coaches EVER in the CBFMatrix model and they are still learning to win.  The independant scheduling stuff is an advantage as well. 

Oregon Ducks – The 2008 class was weak compared to others as it is the only one under a #25 class and a Tier II team for the second straight year.  This team is on the fringe of elite talent and the positive coaching effect is carrying them to another run at a BCS title.   CFBMatrix modeled them for 11 wins in 2010.  Should be about the same in 2011


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