Connecticut Huskies

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Connecticut Huskies 2011 Profile

So much for the idea that a BCS bowl game helps with recruiting.  Admin in-fighting, loss of your best coach ever and recruiting goes straight into the tank…oh, and the AD hires a poor performing re-tread for the program.  2011 has not been kind to the UConn football program and its fans.

The chronic decline in, what was already, bad recruiting is going to hit like a ton of brick soon.  The model is jumping early to say it is in 2011.  For all the aforementioned emotional issues plus a terrible schedule is a recipe for a bad year.

The most important thing that needs to be done is not winning in 2011, because it is not going to happen, but focus on getting some decent talent.  Recruiting is at a mid-level MWC or MAC team.  It needs to get into at least the 40s/50s to compete decently in the Big East every year.

UConn Recruiting Rank Links:

Most recent year , year over year recruiting improvement and 4 year moving averages of all 120 teams recruiting rankings based on CFBMatrix national composite rankings.

2011 UConn Roster/Depth Chart

Connecticut Schedule and SOS/EOS Breakdown

Not a bad overall SOS for the Huskies.  #7 total SOS for Big East teams and a very low #66 national SOS, #59 conference play SOS and #49 OOC SOS.  But even with such low numbers, the under talented Huskies have the #2 SOS in the conference.  Lots of returning starters but the depth is weak and the new coach is not a proven winner.

The biggest advantage in the Big East is 5 controllable OOC games.  The Huskies did a good job of scheduling as much weakness as possible.  3-2 is the predicted start so 4 OOC wins is a huge bonus.  Under Edsell, you would be expect 5 based on the talent of the other teams.

The conference slate is the second toughest in the Big East.  This team could go 0-7 in the Big East with Syracuse at home the best shot to get a win.  Sure they could surprise and pull what Edsell did for 4 years, but not likely.  They have a new coach so rule of thumbs is don’t bet anything on the Huskies.

Links to other Huskies stats, trends, and articles

NFL/Recruiting Rank Ratios    Team Records – Odds Matrix    Returning Starters (All teams)

UConn Win/Recruiting Trend Chart

Wow did Edsell overperform.  It is rare that a team has a win trend line above the average recruiting rank line.  Even if it is in close parallel that is a great job.  This is a ‘bubble’ team.  It has over performed too long and recruiting will catch up.  3 to 5 wins in where the wins line will end up in 2011.


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