Oklahoma State Cowboys

Oklahoma State Cowboys 2011 Profile

A +5 net coaching effect since 2007 is very good.  Average at home and winning/losing as expected.  That extra game per year is well above average, especially on the road.  Expect the Cowboys to win an extra game on the road this year that would surprise some.

At home Gundy is very reliable and projections for playing in Stillwater are 5-1.  Four huge road games especially at Missouri and Texas Tech.  Projections of 8-4 could be pushed up further with an extra road win.

However, recruiting has flattened and, if they are to take this team to the next level, it must improve.  There needs to be a higher level of talent in the form of top 15 and top 10 classes in order to be a realistic competitor for BCS bowl and especially the BCS title game.  Until recruiting improves, 10 win season will be harder to come by in the new Big 12.

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Team Records – Odds Matrix

Returning Starters (All teams)

2011 Cowboys Roster/Depth Chart – Pending

2011 OSU Schedule and SOS/EOS Breakdown

Welcome to the new Big 12 schedule.  All Big 12 fans are about to confront the same issue that the PAC-10 foolishly put itself into year ago by forcing 9 conference games.  This immediately places the conference at a lower ‘power rank’ in most computers since they gauge strength off of wins.  The 9 game conference schedule is a disadvantage in rank to the Big 12, ACC and SEC that schedule 8 conference games and the Big East that has only 7.

Nothing really strong or weak about the Cowboys schedule.  Overall, it is in the middle of national SOS ranks and total SOS.  Their OOC is a SOS of 77.7 and that should indicate a quick 3 wins, not 4, as in the past.  That extra game is going to take a toll on many BIG 12 teams.

Their conference schedule SOS is in the top half of the conference with a lot of tough road games that will make a difference in a top range of 9-3 down to a low end range of 6-6.  The best trend and number based on recruiting, schedule adjustment and coaching effect is 8 wins in 2011.

Oklahoma State Recruiting Rank Links:

Most recent year , year over year recruiting improvement and 4 year moving averages of all 120 teams recruiting rankings based on CFBMatrix national composite rankings.

Oklahoma State Win/Recruiting Trend Chart

This win line since Coach Gundy took over in 2005 is rock solid.  Wonderful up trend and it is now mixing near the top of expectations.  The downside in little improvement in recruiting and thus a flat curve.  To push to 10+ wins recruiting needs to start getting into the teens at a minimum.   No team has won the BCS title game without at least one top 10 and one top 15 class in the 4 year leading up to the title victory.

Twitter 8.29.11 @Kevin_House1 @cfbmatrix You are dumb. #okstate. 5-4 in the league? Wow! #watchsomegames 


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