Colorado Buffaloes

There is not a whole lot to talk about, especially positive metrics, for the Buffaloes.  This team has a new coach and the worst talent level in the PAC12 North or South.  Recruiting was bad for the 2011 cycle and that projects to a worse season in 2011 versus 2010.

At 2-6 and in the Big 12 a year ago, Colorado should be very please to repeat that record this year.  The Buffs will finish last in the PAC12 South and will host Washington State for potentially their only win of the season.    If you are a Buffalo fan, the best frame of mind is an open one.   Take each win as a gift this year, hope you get to 3 wins so you know you at least hired a decent coach and dream of recruiting classes at least in the top 50.

Buffaloes Recruiting Rank Links:

Most recent year , year over year recruiting improvement and 4 year moving averages of all 120 teams recruiting rankings based on CFBMatrix national composite rankings.

Buffaloes 2011 Roster,Depth Chart & Recruits

Colorado Buffaloes 2011 Schedule Breakdown

Win the first game or there may be none at all in 2011.  The worst team in the Pac12 has the toughest OOC, #2 SOS conference games and #1 SOS in the conference overall.  And it is not even close! 

The Buffs schedule has no real breaks.  7 road games including nearly guaranteed losses at Ohio State, Stanford, and Washington.  The Buffalo season ticket holders are going to see some real solid teams in Oregon, Cal and USC, but the only wins could be Colorado State and Washington State (no likely WAZZU).

While statistically, it is very hard to go 0-13, this team can do it.  If they clear the first three weeks without a win, don’t expect one to come along any time soon.  With no byes and teams with 4 year average recruiting classes above the top 25 every other game for the ENTIRE season this could be one of the ugliest CFB seasons on record for the Buffaloes.

As I noted above, any win is a gift in 2011 as poor recruiting and a horrible schedule are doing no favors.  This team needs to focus on the future and on recruiting otherwise it will be at the bottom of the PAC12 South for a long time.

Links to other Ducks stats, trends, and articles

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Colorado Buffaloes Recruiting Trends and Wins Chart

On the plus side, recruiting was better in the 2011 cycle than the previous 2 years.  The bad side, it is still the worst in the conference.   As we have always said, you recruit to win, not win to recruit.  The bottom half of the Big 12 was weaker than what the Buffs will face in 2011 in the PAC12.  Win totals should be, at the very best, flat at 5 wins but that would take a huge stretch and unreal coaching from the newly hired Jon Embree.


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