Washington State Cougars

Washington State Cougars 2011 CFBMatrix Profile

Let’s start with some positive information on the Cougs.  Coach Wulff, in his 3 years, is very consistent in winning and losing based on the CFBMatrix 4 year recruiting baseline comparison.   89% of all the Cougar games have been decided on the 4 year recruiting comparison.  The problem is recruiting has not improved and Coach Wulff and his staff, have just 1 upset in the model in the last 3 year (despite having more upset chances than anyone in the PAC).

2011 started good in recruiting but the Huskies ended up poaching a lot of recruits.  It must have been a very bitter recruiting cycle for the Cougars as they did not improve their team talent.  This is the last place team in a division that improved its overall talent significantly in 2011.  But, the scheduling got better in the OOC games and wins will go up.

Cougars Recruiting Rank Links:

Most recent year , year over year recruiting improvement and 4 year moving averages of all 120 teams recruiting rankings based on CFBMatrix national composite rankings.

2011 Washington State Cougars Active Roster with Depth

2011 Schedule Overview

The athletic department finally got it right with scheduling by going with 3 straight cupcakes.  Not that Washington State is some powerhouse, but going on the road to face AQ schools with a 4 year #58 recruiting class is just dumb.  Take your 3 wins, build confidence, help recruit and give players and fans a glimmer of hope.

However, the downside is failure and this coaching staff cannot afford anything but a 3-0 start.  They have the easiest OOC in the PAC12 and this staff has been together for 4 year now.  Win or go home.

The downside in the PAC12.  The Cougars are in the toughest division and all 5 improved on their recruiting.  WSU will go 0-5 in the division and their only real hope for a win is the opener at Colorado (which could be the Buffs only win) and at the end hosting Utah.  Any win in between those games is an unexpected gift from the team

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Washington State Cougars Win/Recruiting Trend Chart

Yuck.  It doesn’t take a math whiz to see the trend line directions for the Cougars.  Down, down and down.  This is really the biggest issue I see with Coach Wulff and the staff.  The recruiting is dropping and the talent is at at the same low level that he inherited in 2008.  This team desperately needs a top 50 class in 2012 to go with 4-5 wins in 2011.


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