College Football Coach of the Year – 2011

This page will track all the + game coaches.  Every time a coach ‘beats’ the model in a predicted loss they will earn +1 game effect.  Each loss when a win was predicted is a -1 effect.  The coach with the greatest effect in 2011 with be our CFBMatrix Coach of the Year.

This award is not given to the Head Coach that does what is expected and is a media ‘darling’.  It is so easy for most ‘voters’ and people that ‘model’ success to simply pick the coach form the best team or biggest celebrity for the season.  As a Duck fan, I was happy for Coach Kelly getting the National CFB COY Award in 2010, but totally disagreed with it.  The Ducks were modeled for 11-1 and went 12-0.  Great season, but 12-1 is not too far away from an expected 11-2.  It is just as significant of an impact as other coaches with much lesser players.

I have a number of reasons for feeling that this methodology is very good for considering the best ‘coaching’ job for 2011.  (1) There is no media, popularity or emotional bias, (2) The CFBMatrix was the #2 national publication for 2011 in picking the conference finishes of the AQ schools including #1 in the SEC, ACC and PAC12, (3) it uses the same stats for picking the games and it does in  determining the best coaching job and (4) take a look at how the Anti-Coach of the Year and Hottest Seats in Football turned out using the same way of +/- for coaching effect.  To be a Coach of the Year, I see it as doing more with less.  The elite recruiters like Miles, Saban, Kelly, Hoke, etc should be doing well and winning a lot of games.  The CFBMatrix model has already conclusively proven that fact.  Congratulations are in order for the Bill Snyder and his staff at KState for doing the most with the least in 2011 as  well as the rest of the conference leaders in + game effect for COY.

2011 CFBMatrix Coach of the Year – Bill Snyder +7

2011 CFBMatrix Conference Coaches of the Year

ACC – Mike London – Virginia – +5 Games
Big Ten – Bret Bielema – Wisconsin – +3 Games
Big 12 – Bill Synder +7 Games
Big East – Butch Jones – Cincinnati +3 Games
PAC12 – Kyle Whittingham – Utah Utes – +4 games
SEC – James Franklin – Vanderbilt +3 Games

2011 Stats

#1. Bill Snyder – Kansas State – +7 games (3 home/4 road)

#2. Mike London – Virginia +5 games (4 road / 1 home)

#3. Paul Rhoads – Iowa State/Big 12 – +5 games (3 home/2 road)

#4 Kyle Whittingham – Utah +4 games (+4 road +0 home)

#5. Jim Grobe – Wake Forest/ACC – +4 games (2 home/ 2 road)

+3 Games

Butch Jones – Cincinnati – +3 games
Brett Bielema – Wisconsin/Big Ten – +3 games
James Franklin – Vanderbilt +3 games

Mike Gundy – Oklahoma State +3 games

Honorable Mention +2 Games

Mike Dantonio – Michigan State/Big Ten – +2 games
David Shaw – Stanford +2 games
Paul Johnson – Georgia Tech +2 games
Bobby Petrino – Arkansas +2 games
Steve Spurrier – South Carolina +2 games
Art Briles – Baylor +2 games

Pat Fitzgerald – Northwestern +2 games


2010 CFBMatrix Coach of the Year –

Jim Harbaugh – Stanford +4 Games & Bobby Petrino – Arkansas +4 Games

Runner ups –
M. Dantonio – Mich State +3, B. Bielema Wisconsin +3, B. Snyder KState +3


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