Final Regular Season Projected Rankings

I completely disagree with the way the voting is done today for national rankings on several levels.  First, if you pick against the mega-sports media outlets then your methodology is considered weak, wrong or discounted.  This promotes everyone following and ranking the teams nearly same for fear of public reprisal or being pulled from the BCS computer picking or voter system.  Second, teams play their way in and play your way out with little disregard to scheduling or SOS.  SOS only comes into play when comparing like records for AQ conferences, but if you are non-AQ and win all your games, you are in the top 5.

Until the playing field is leveled, I choose to leave out teams that have no comparison to an AQ schedule (even the Big East teams SOS).  No one is willing to do so, because it  ‘makes them look bad’ or their predictions were off because the didn’t follow everyone else and the mega-media outlets making the picks.  TCU will get back in mix next year when I model them in the Big East.  Boise and the rest can be in a ranking system by wins and conference power, when they play in a conference that provides a reasonable SOS and not one AQ team and a meaningless bowl game.

So as much as I see little to no value in the polls and team rankings, here is how I project the top 30 based on my  projections for total wins by each team and then ordered by conference and schedule SOS for like number of wins.

Teams that are most likely to get top 25 votes due to winning, what most fans would consider, 9-10+ weak OOC games.  These teams all have huge recruiting rank advantages over teams on their schedules that AQ schools will never be afforded:  TCU, Boise State, Central Florida, Hawaii, Southern Miss, Fresno State

1 Alabama
2 Florida State
3 Oregon
5 Oklahoma
6 Georgia
7 Notre Dame
8 Arkansas
9 Virginia Tech
10 Ohio State
11 Penn State
12 Texas A&M
13 Michigan State
14 Stanford
15 Florida
16 West Virginia
17 Michigan
18 Oklahoma State
19 USC
20 Nebraska
21 South Carolina
22 Texas
23 Rutgers
24 North Carolina
25 Miami (Fl)
26 Auburn
27 Clemson
28 Tennessee
29 Arizona State
30 Mississippi State

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