On the Air in Little Rock – Profiling John. L Smith

Justin and Pat have me on to talk the John L Smith Profile Article and the Hogs predictions for 2012.  Great segment but now most of the Little Rock area thinks I’m nuts, wants to shot me or both.  And Pat is gonna owe me a Hogs shirt when they go under 8.5 total wins.  Click here to get to the  Matrix Audio Vault or click to go straight to the segment

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Profiling John L. Smith in the Matrix

As I noted in my Before, During and After Petrino article right here at CFBMatrix last week, the Hogs and AD long were really stuck in between and wild sow and her piglets with no trees and no bullets in site.  It was too late to aggressively pursue an elite FBS coach and fans still hold out hope for another BCS bowl game run.  The decision process put everything at risk; the dream of another 10+ win season, the attitude of the players, the drive of the coaching staff and the recruiting class of 2013.

In hiring Mr. Smith away from Weber State he accomplished meeting the needs of two of those 4 goals….Click here to read the rest of the article

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The OOB Show Enters the Matrix Again – 920am CST 4/20

What happens on 4/20 in Oregon?  Time to go live on the Out of Bounds Show in Jackson, MS.  ESPN Radio 105.9 the Zone with Bo Bounds. This will be the lucky 13th edition with the show.     What are we going to talk about?  Hell, I don’t know but it will be College Football! Maybe I can piss off more Vols fans about Dooley or add to Bo’s man crush on Gundy Click here to listen live at 9:20am CST

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Player Development – The NFL Draft & Recruiting

It is easy to look at the numbers and see that the many recruiting services do a solid job in evaluating total talent.  From 2002-2008 the top 25 teams with the best average recruiting rank occupy 21 of the top 25 slots for most NFL draft picks from 2005-2011.  But in the Matrix, it’s not what is easily seen that is of most interest to me.  What about those 4 teams in the top 25 of draft picks that didn’t recruit well and those that did but failed to get players drafted like their peers?  Good coaching, systemic problems in an entire athletic department or just blind luck?  You decide so..  Click here to read another CFBMatrix original profile

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Talking Football w/ the Matrix on ESPN 1080 The Fan

Wed, 11 Apr 2012 – The local guys I listen to everyday in Portland at 1080 The Fan finally have no one to fill a segment and bring me on the air…  “Dave joins the show to discuss his matrix of recruiting rankings and coach effect in college football. What does it mean to Arkansas now that Bobby Petrino is gone? How do Oregon and Oregon State stack up to the Matrix? And what does a starting quarterback returning mean to your favorite school?Click Here to Enter the Matrix Audio Vault

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The College Football Returning Starter Matrix

If there is one thing that I love here at the CFBMatrix, it is taking a common football fan assumption and applying some simple stats.  Every year I seem to be combing through the stats on returning starters.  For some reason, I have led myself down the path that a team’s success the next season can be tied into the notion that returning experience will translate to more or at least, as many wins as last season.

But does it matter that much.  You can have all 24 starters back, but if they have less talent than the rest of the conference, does it really matter?  I wanted to know how important is that returning starting QB?  Does kicking experience matter? Or where is the cut line for success based on the number of returning players on offense or defense.  Read more and enter the Matrix

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2012 College Football Returning Starters

Only the best and Imagemost comprehensive returning starter breakdown in all of college football.  These are numbers of every FBS teams returning players on offense, defense, kickers and QBs in 2012 (and yes returning both kickers correlates to more wins even more so than returning your QB!).    The CFBMatrix is providing the most complete list AND national breakdown of what returning starters mean for every AQ team and in every AQ conference.  If you love your team, stats and odds as usual, the rest is a must have for every college football fan…..  click for returning starter numbers

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