Big 12 – Returning Starters in the Matrix – 2012

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2012 Returning Starters chart – All AQ and non-AQ Teams
National Overview of Returning Starter Stats and Importance

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Big 12 Returning Starters Stats over the last 4 years

QBs and Kickers

  • In the 27 times a Big12 team returned the starting QB the next season in the last 4 years, 18 times (67%) of those teams posted as good or better record the next season.  The 7 of the 9 teams that failed to maintain or improve were coming off a season with 7 or more wins.
  • Only 4 of 13 teams that did not returned their starting QB had a better record the following season (30%) and of the 4 3 of those teams were coming of 5 or 6 win seasons.  7 of the 9 teams that ending with worse records were coming off 7 or more wins the previous year
  • Of the 4 Big12 teams to return no starting kickers, 3 of them posted worse records the following season and a win total drop of -6 games.  Heads up to the Longhorns
  • 16 teams in the Big12 have returned just one starting kicker in the last 4 years.  Of those 16, 9 posted season as good or better than the previous year but the win totals were down a combined 5 games.  Really a coin toss.  In 2012 it is Iowa State and Texas Tech.
  • Getting both kickers back in the Big 12 has been good news. 20 times it has happen and those teams were +11 total wins the following season.  65% (13) of the teams posted as good or better win totals the following year.
  • Conclusion:


  • 5 with 6 or less 7 of 12 worse -14 games
  • 7 is 50/50 odds.  No value
  • 8+ 12 of 18 +13 games

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