2011 Conference Realignment and Recruiting

In the incessant world of conference realignment discussions in 2011, I am starting this blog article to discuss and compare all the different scenarios for each team.  It may be comparing recruiting ranks from one conference to see how the competition may change or as far as questioning the power of shrinking conferences and their ability to keep or get a automatic BCS bowl bid.

9.26.2011 Texas A&M and Mizzou to the SEC

Texas A&M is going to the SEC.   Lets breakdown what they are leaving and where the are going.

In the Big 12, A&M enjoyed being in the top third of the conference in recruiting (84% of conf champs the last 4 years are in the top 1/3).  In moving to the SEC, A&M will drop to the mid-point as the #7 ranked 4 year ave recruiter in the conference.  This reduces their chances for a division and conference title to under 5%, unless their recruiting steadily improves over the next 2+ years.  The other issue is coaching.   Sherman is the worst game effect coach in the Big 12 going up against teams that are much worse at recruiting than the SEC.  If this move is for money, then great.  If it is for wins, think again.  The average team that leaves a AQ conference for another has less than a 10% improvement in recruiting 5 years later.  By joining the SEC, A&M will be playing 9 teams that out recruit the #4 recruiter in the Big 12, Oklahoma State.  Enjoy playing bowl games in December.

Note:  The have our own team recruiting rankings from all available data.  It is less biased and closer to an ‘average’ correct ranking than anything else available due to it being a composite ranking.

School 2008-2011 National CFBMatrix RR School 2008-2011 National CFBMatrix RR
Alabama SEC W 1 Texas Big 12 3
LSU SEC W 4 Oklahoma Big 12 9
Georgia SEC E 6 Texas A&M Big 12 17
Florida SEC E 8 Oklahoma State Big 12 32
Auburn SEC W 10 Texas Tech Big 12 33
Tennessee SEC E 13 Baylor Big 12 41
Texas A&M SEC W 17 Kansas Big 12 51
South Carolina SEC E 19 BYU Big 12 60
Arkansas SEC W 25 Iowa State Big 12 71
Mississippi State SEC W 30 Kansas State Big 12 77
Mississippi SEC W 34 Big 12 Ave RR 39.4
Missouri SEC E 35
Kentucky SEC E 45
Vanderbilt SEC E 61
SEC West Ave RR 17.3
SEC East Ave RR 26.7

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