The Expansion & Contraction of FBS Football

Bookmark:  A 6 part CFBMatrix series on the reshuffling of College Football Conferences



Part I – The CFBMatrix Rules of Conference Expansion

By Dave Bartoo, Founder – CFBMatrix

1st RULE: You do not talk about EXPANSION.

2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about EXPANSION.

3rd RULE: If a school that we engage backs out, say they engaged with us first and deny any interest (unless its Notre Dame).

(Protect the status quo)

4th RULE: Only two thing matter in this fight.  Money and Power.

(Target big enrollment and alumni bases)

5th Rule:  Take on only one school at a time

(Target best fits for our conference goals, see rules 3,4,6 & 7 and CFBMatrix Part III)

6th RULE: No Endowment, No Consideration

(Find strong academic institutions and see Rule 4)

7th RULE: Expansion discussions will go on as long as they need to for us to win.

(Target strong media markets)

8th RULE: If you talk about leaving for another conference, you HAVE to leave.

(Loosely based on Fight Club rules)

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Part II – Rules to Save your Conference

Part III – Non – AQ School Targets  VOTE NOW FOR THE BEST CHOICES!

Part IV – Myths and False Ideas about Expansion

Part V – Winners and Losers in this reshuffling

Part VI – Forecasting Team Results in a New Conference


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