Recruiting rank is the base for all calculations and profiling of schedules, coaching and expected results.  We do not use any one data set from what is readily available to all fans.  We use our Composite Team Recruiting Rankings.

Since our entire site and analytics is rooted in team recruiting ranking, we have developed a system that uses all available sources for team ranking.  Every year since 2007, every public ranking available was tested to determine if any one of them was a superior system.  It was determined that none was and therefore the Composite Recruiting Ranking was developed.  It uses all available information to create a team rank that is less biased and strengthens our recruiting based modeling.

The pages linked to this section are a based in the recruiting rankings for the most recent year, the year over year rank trend and the 4 year composite team ranking.  You can find this detail of recruiting information nowhere else on the web.

2012 CFBMatrix Composite Recruiting Ranks

2012 Risers/Faller Recruiting Ranks

2012 Recruiting Rank Breakdown by Conference

Biggest Gains/Loses last 48 hours before NSD


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