2010-2011 Conference Recruiting Rank Trend

Here is another profile and story that the CBFMatrix model can tell us.  Below you will find the trend from 2010 to 2011 in average recruiting class ranking for all 15 divisions/conferences.   There are a few changes in the balance of power in the conferences.   I will be getting 2011 versus the 4 year posted as well.

Some major movement on this year’s board for conference power shifting.  Non-movers were the Pac12 North, Big12 and Big10 Leaders and Big East.  All four had small but positive recruiting shifts.    SEC clearly got stronger with both divisions going +3 ranks per team.  The Big10 Legends division had a very solid 5 spot move and the ACC Coastal toook a huge shot in the arm with a massive 9 spot per team move.

On the flip side the ACC Atlantic countered the Coastal with a 4 spot drop in per team rankings.  That is not good of conference balance.   But the big surprise with just an epic failure to recruit was the PAC12 South.  Minus 17 spots.  Unreal when you try to consider 6 teams all dropping that much talent.  And that is even with USC at #5 and they were down just 2 ranking spots from 2010.

Conference                ’10 Conf Ave Rank   ’11 Conf Ave. Rank      Year over Year Diff.

SEC West 19 16 3
SEC East 27 24 3
PAC12 North 31 30 1
BIG 12 38 36 2
ACC Coastal 45 36 9
Big10 Legends 41 37 5
ACC Atlantic 38 42 -4
Big10 Leaders 45 43 2
PAC12 South 32 49 -17
Big East 52 52 1
Conf USA 78 73 5
MWC 85 79 6
WAC 91 100 -9
MAC 99 104 -4
SunBelt 104 107 -2

Thanks for comments and feedback. – Dave


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