2011 Recruiting Rankings (conf)

I prefer to break up the conference ranks whenever there are Divisions involved with the large conferences.  In many cases (ie ACC, BIG10) there is little difference between Divisional rank and power.  However, the opposite is true as it relates to the PAC12.  The PAC10 North clearly outperformed and dismal and pathetic recruiting effort by the PAC12 South teams.  Even though I do not model records and games for most non-AQ schools, I put those in there as a reference to note how terribly weak the idea is that a non-AQ school is competing on the level of an AQ school (even in the Big East).

Rank        Ave. Team Rank       Division/Conference

1 16.0 SEC West
2 24.3 SEC East
3 30.0 PAC12 North
4 35.6 BIG 12
5 36.2 ACC Coastal
6 36.5 Big10 Legends
7 41.5 ACC Atlantic
8 43.2 Big10 Leaders
9 49.0 PAC12 South
10 51.5 Big East
11 72.8 Conf USA
12 79.0 MWC
13 99.8 WAC
14 103.8 MAC
15 106.5 SunBelt

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