2012 College Football Recruiting Rankings

Since our entire site and CFBMatrix model is based on team recruiting ranking, these are vital for us to track.   we do not use any one site or bureau for the class ranking.  Rather is it a full composite ranking of all public information.  In this manner we can reduce bias and high/low rankings to be more accurate with the modeling.

There is no other site available that offers this composite structure and ranking for all 120 teams and conferences.  Search around but be sure to bookmark this page as it is unique for the college football fan.

2012 recruiting ranking by team with month rank tracking

2012 recruiting ranking by conference

Conference recruiting trends (Year over year change)

2012 Year over year recruiting rank change (trend)

2012 4 yr moving average composite team rankings

4 yr moving average Conference Recruiting Ranks (power rank)

Top 10 Recruiting Lists for 2012


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