2012 College Football Team Recruiting Rankings

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2-2-2012 Note: I will be updating the charts with conference breakdowns and summaries. 

2-2-2012: I posted the top 126 today including the new “final 48 hrs to NSD” ranking changes.

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These are the current and team composite rankings for the 2012 recruiting cycle ending in February 2012.   The composite rank is created from all  good public information on each team and player that has been proven to be a good predictor in the Matrix. There are some systems that I do not ever use as they are biased or drag down accuracy in game prediction.  Rather than use just one ranking system, which has proven to have more error and bias, I put them all together in a weighted formula (based on mathematically proven value).  This provides balance and fairness for services that over rank and/or under rank teams and players.

The CFBMatrix model does this to try and reduce evaluator bias and reduce errors in team rank calculations.  It improves our predictor numbers and provides the most fair and balances team recruiting ranking in the country.  Next Update daily after Feb 2nd with any new recruiting rank changes.

The CFBMatrix was the #2 National Publication for pre-season AQ conference finish predictions and #1 for the SEC, PAC12 and ACC. This class will effect your team for 4-5 years so start paying attention now as tomorrow’s record is taking shape today.

Official Visits to Commits Ratios and Matrix


February 2012 – The CFBMatrix recruiting ranking (#RR) notes, categories and page links to ranking lists.

Click the links below to any of the categories that interest you:

Conference Profiles (click any)
ACC   Big12   Big Ten   SEC   PAC12   Big East   Non-AQs

Conference Rankings – 2012/2011

Biggest Ranking Gains (48 hrs before NSD ended)
Biggest Ranking Drops
(48 hrs before NSD ended)

Biggest Ranking Gains (since Sept)
Biggest Ranking Drops
(since Sept)
Surprises in the top 75 (teams most above 4yr FARR rank)
Surprises in the bottom 75 (teams most below 4yr FARR rank)

Please:  Let me know if you like this trending format as is, not at all or how to make it better.  Tweet me @CFBMatrix or email dave@cfbmatrix.com

Click on Chart for bigger view/print or email dave@cfbmatrix for PDF of complete article and charts.

2011 March Pre-Season Game Picks – Total Record – 501 wins 192 loses – 72%

ATS Picks from the CFBMatrix Guide: 21-11

Total Wins Picks from the CFBMatrix Total Wins Guide: 9-3

CFBMatrix National Title Contenders Group – Correct for the 8th Straight Year!

  • ACC – 100 games & CFBMatrix went 63 – 37 ( 63%)
  • Big 12 – 71 games – 47 – 24 ( 66%) correct in the CFBMatrix
  • SEC – 95 games – 75 – 20 (79%)
  • PAC12 – 89 games – 69 – 21 (78%)
  • Big Ten – 91 games – 69 – 22 (76%)
  • Big East – 64 games – 50 – 14 (78%)
  • Independent – 42 games – 31- 11 (75%)
  • Non-AQs – 367 games – 269 – 98 (73%)

Top 25 teams played 280 games through and 214 (76.4%) of those games were predicted correctly using only the CFBMatrix FARR (Field Adjusted Recruiting Rank).

2011 Conference Pre-Season Picks Rankings
Head to Head with 12 other National Publications*

#1 National Publication for Pre-Season Picking of ALL FBS Games
#2 Overall Conf Predictions for AQ Conference Final Standings

#1 Overall Predictions – ACC (3way tie)
#1 Overall Predictions – SEC (two way tie)
#1 Overall Conf. Predictions – PAC12
#2 Overall Conf Predictions – Big East
#3 Overall Conf. Predictions – Big Ten
#12 Overall Conf. Predictions – Big 12

*As compiled in 2011 by Stassen.com and compared predictions versus results for the CFBMatrix, Phil Steele, Fort Heresy, Lindy’s, ESPN, USA Today, The Sporting News, Athlon, CollegeFootballPoll.com, Steve Wrathell’s CPA Rankings, Rogers Poll and CompughterRatings.com

Website Publishers and Bloggers – Partner with CFBMatrix for monthly (Sept-Dec) and weekly team recruiting rankings.  We are the only one that provides a composite of all available ranking data for all 120 FSB teams.  Email dave@cfbmatrix.com or call 971.244.3041


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