Team Ranking Change – Last 48Hrs of ’12 Recruiting Cycle

This is the first year for many of my new recruiting rank team Matrix charts.  With all the National Signing Day hype I thought it would be interesting to track the last 48 hours of the 2012 recruiting cycle.  There were a lot of winners, some losers and a bunch that went almost nowhere.  I hope you enjoy this first annual edition.  Send me a tweet @CFBMatrix email or comment on the page to let me know what you think about it.


This is a very diverse bunch of AQ and non-AQ teams across the country.  I found a number in interesting metrics in the chart below.  Most teams that finished strong ended with a recruiting rank (RR) above their 4 year national ranking.  The teams with green numbers in the 3rd column are the ones that closed hard and well above their 4 year rank.  Stanford, Rutgers, and Houston all had a big final 48 hours and a huge recruiting cycle.  The monster was the new HC at Arkansas State!  Plus 18 spots in the final 48 hours and plus 37 over their 4 year ranking from ’08-’11!

One the other side, there were strong closers fighting to not drop back in talent too far.  Kansas, in spite of a strong finish got HAMMERED this cycle.  35 ranking spots below, what was already a horrid national 4 year recruiting ranking.  Clearly there is no schematic recruiting advantage in Lawrence.  Other AQs taking big talent hits were North Carolina -22 spots and Nebraska -11 spots.



The Rest


2 Responses to Team Ranking Change – Last 48Hrs of ’12 Recruiting Cycle

  1. How does for KU for example get rewarded for Heaps and Crist? Does it not count into the cycle?

    • cfbmatrix says:

      It will be factored into the classes from each player out of high school. They will effect the important 4 year adjusted RR for the prediction modeling and overall 4 yr ranking.

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